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Beat the Heat, Service or Repair Air Conditioning Units in Portland, OR with Jacob’s HVAC

Portland, OR (June 19, 2014) As temperatures rise and the days grow longer, homeowners are looking for ways to easily and more efficiently cool their homes during the summer months. To help, Jacobs Heating and Air Conditioning, a Portland HVAC company, recommends servicing or replacing air conditioning units at the start of the season to maximize energy savings, decrease utility bills, and improve comfort.

Servicing your air conditioner at the start of the season will not only remove dust, debris, and allergens, but will also help air conditioning units maintain their original efficiency. Without seasonal maintenance, an AC unit can lose 5% of its original efficiency each year. However, servicing your air conditioner with an annual tune-up will allow it to maintain up to 95% of its original efficiency, year after year. Additionally, monitoring coolant levels can cut down on operating costs. An AC unit that is 10% low on coolant can cost up to 20% more to operate. That means the cost of servicing air conditioning units can quickly be recovered in savings on monthly utility bills.

In addition to an annual tune-up, homeowners can guarantee a high level of comfort and keep AC units operating properly by regularly changing filters and keeping bushes or materials away from the outside unit of an air conditioner. Lastly, don’t forget to keep air supply outlets open throughout the home to maintain system efficiency.

For AC units that are more than 10 years old, inefficient, or oversized, it may be time to replace the air conditioning system. Increased humidity, noise, or uneven cooling may be a sign that the air conditioning unit is no longer working adequately. Replacing an outdated AC system can increase cooling efficiency, while also lowering energy bills. Air conditioning systems manufactured before 2006 were required to have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) number of 10, while today’s central air systems must have a minimum rating of 13, and highly efficient models can have SEER ratings of up to 26. This considerable increase in energy efficiency can result in substantial savings for homeowners. Additionally, tax credits and other financial incentives may be available for homes upgrading to a new energy-efficient model.

“Servicing or replacing air conditioning units is a great way to start the summer, but to make sure you get the best performance, your existing equipment must be properly assessed by a professional” said Brent Jacobs, President of Jacobs Heating and Air Conditioning. “Improperly operating or outdated HVAC systems can reduce efficiency by up to 40 percent, while also shortening the equipment’s total lifespan.”

Prepare for a beautiful summer in the Portland-Vancouver area, and remain comfortable even during the warmest weather, by spring cleaning or replacing your air conditioning system with the help of Jacobs Heating and Air Conditioning.

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