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Best Time to Schedule Your Air Conditioner Maintenance

You take your car in for tune-ups to make sure it stays on the road. You hit the gym week after week to make sure you stay fit. Your AC unit needs some attention too, so it will be ready for game time come summertime.

Scheduling seasonal cooling system maintenance will make sure you maximize your time, your dollar, and the life and safety of your AC unit. The question is, when’s the best time to schedule your air conditioner maintenance?

Spring and fall are the seasons you’re looking for and the best time to schedule air conditioner maintenance and AC repair. The weather is warm enough to run your cooling system without worry and you have plenty of choices for scheduling service from expert HVAC technicians. Since it’s our off-season, we often serve up savings. Make sure to check out our specials for up to date offers and information.

In the Pacific Northwest, winter is not the best time for AC repairs. We don’t recommend running your air conditioner in the winter months because there’s oil in your AC unit and it may not work properly in cold temperatures. You could even damage your system—which is what you’re trying to avoid in the first place. Skip your wintertime AC worries and focus on staying warm inside until spring.

Contrary to popular beliefs, summer isn’t ideal either for AC maintenance. This is when our schedules are the busiest, so you’ll want to beat the rush with preventative maintenance in the off months to ensure you won’t have a summertime HVAC breakdown.

Stay a step ahead of the summer heat and make sure you’re on top of AC maintenance. Find out more about the HVAC services we offer and then get in touch with any questions or to schedule a consultation with our highly trained and skilled technicians at Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning.