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Easy Methods of Air For Filtering and Ventilation in Portland, OR from Jacob’s HVAC

Did you know that the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America estimates that 60 million U.S. citizens are burdened with asthma and allergies? With one in five Americans affected, it’s more important than ever to make indoor spaces safe and healthy! However, with springtime   comes an influx of pollen and pathogens that could put your homes and offices at risk of generating health issues. The EPA listed indoor air quality as “high priority public health risk,” citing it as one of the biggest triggers of asthmatic and allergic reactions. It is an important issue, so we are here to address it.

We’ve got some solutions to provide homes with clean, pure air, and to ensure that your families can breathe safely. By merging top-tier efficiency, advanced technology, and over 50 years of expertise, we work hard to prevent indoor air quality from provoking dangerous health issues. Here are our top solutions:

Try Air Filters! Air filters are an ideal solution for individuals that suffer from severe asthma or allergies. The filtering system is engineered to trap destructive particles and pollen from entering your home, and enabling clean, pure air to flow throughout the space. Affordable and convenient, air filters provide homeowners with the peace of mind that airborne pathogens will stay outside the house.

Make use of Air Conditioning Systems! When the purification technology of air filters is combined with an efficient air conditioner or central air system, homeowners will definitely be breathing easy. An air conditioning system brings that fresh spring air indoors, while the filter cleans the air before it circulates. You will have a very happy home.

According to the EPA, one of the most effective ways to lower the amount of indoor air pollutants “is to increase the amount of outdoor air coming indoors.” An efficient air ventilation system cycles outdoor air into the home, providing residents with fresh air that will not affect those of you with asthma and allergies. Ventilators have the ability to exchange indoor air with its outdoor counterpart, ensuring that a stale atmosphere doesn’t prevail inside.

With an efficient air conditioning system, effective air purifiers, or a ventilation system, the home can serve as a safe haven for people afflicted with asthma and allergies. Jacob’s HVAC is proud to provide the homeowners of the Northwest with efficient solutions that foster healthy, happy lives. Give us a call to talk more about having safe air quality in your home.