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Get Ready for Winter with Jacobs Signature Club Maintenance Benefits

With cooler temperatures, falling leaves and rain on the horizon, September is a good time to have your HVAC system serviced. Strictly following EnergyStar Recommendations and National Standards for maintenance will keep HVAC systems running efficiently and can greatly extend equipment life. EnergyStar HVAC maintenance plans recommend having equipment serviced by a professional contractor once each spring prior to the hot summer months and again in the fall to prepare for the colder winter months. In addition to EnergyStar recommendations for maintenance, manufacturers of HVAC equipment require regular service to keep equipment warranties valid.

To aid customers with these ongoing maintenance requirements, Jacobs Heating and Air Conditioning offers a Signature Club with exclusive benefits to members in Oregon and Washington. Signature Club benefits include

  • service repair warranty
  • priority service response
  • system replacement benefits
  • savings on repairs
  • Saturday service
  • scheduling reminders
  • inflation protection plan
  • and monthly payment options

Classic, Select, and Premium are the three Signature Club Levels customers can choose from, with warranties and inflation protection plans ranging from one to three years. The Premium Plan includes up to $1,725 value-added maintenance and repair services, unlimited trip fees waived during regular business hours, and no overtime fees.

Jacobs Heating - Benefits infographic Classic
Jacobs Heating - Benefits infographic Select
Jacobs Heating - Benefits infographic Premium

Whether it is a quick HVAC tune-up or a major HVAC repair, Jacobs Heating and Air Conditioning is committed to providing the highest level of service. With professionally trained, tested and certified technicians, Portland HVAC customers can count on quality service from Jacobs. To learn more about the Signature Club levels and benefits, contact Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning at 503-234-7331.