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Know Your Facts About Heat Pumps

How much do you all know about Heat Pumps? They could be the perfect addition to your home if you want a great heating and cooling alternative! All heat pumps redistribute heat from one location to another and act as a center for temperature moderation. Rather than installing both a traditional furnace and air conditioner, homeowners can install a heat pump and use one unit to both cool down the home in the summer and keep the home warm in the winter.

When should you consider using them?

Heat pumps are an excellent HVAC choice for most moderate climate whereas regions that experience extreme temperatures will not benefit as much from a heat pump since the amount of energy it takes to convert one extreme temperature to another is significantly higher than transforming one moderate temperature to its opposite. Our homes here in Portland may be the perfect fit compared to those in the Midwest which might need a more traditional HVAC system.

What should you know before buying?

Because not all heat pumps perform their heating and cooling tasks in quite the same way, homeowners should select the unit that best fits their needs regarding size and cost:

Air-source heat pumps

  • Uses a compressor and refrigerant installed in an outdoor unit on the exterior of the home to transfer or remove heat from interior of the home.
  • Can both heat and cool through a compressor and reversing valve that moves refrigerant in opposite directions depending on whether heat needs to be added or removed from the home.

Ground-source heat pumps

  • Rather than using the outside air as the heat source and repository, ground-source heat pumps take heat from the ground in the winter or disperse heat to the ground in the summer.
  • Liquid-filled pipes buried underground absorb heat from the ground during the heating season and move excess heat to the ground during the cooling season. This method transfers heat from the source and delivers it to—or away from—the home.

Selecting and installing a new heat pump system has the potential for significant savings for homeowners on their heating and cooling costs—and those who opt to install a heat pump could be eligible for energy-efficient tax credits and utility rebates! It is definitely something to consider if the fit is right.

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