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Boiler Installation & Replacement

Radiate heat from the heart of your home

Centralized heating is an amazing invention that brings convenience and comfort. No more huddling around a fire. There are two types of heating systems that heat American homes – furnaces and residential boilers. Residential boiler systems produce steam or hot water that is sent throughout the home to radiators that heat the rooms. By providing radiant heat, boilers can make a room feel warmer and more balanced throughout the winter months. 


Boiler Replacement Signs

Every residential heater eventually needs repairs or replacement and a boiler is no exception. Before you have a problem it is a good idea to keep up on regular boiler maintenance. Boilers can last 15 or more years when properly installed and maintained. Don’t wait until it completely breaks down and you’re in need of boiler repair. Watch for signs that it is time to install a new boiler.

Increased Energy Bills

Rising energy bills are a tell-tale sign that your old boiler isn’t working reliably. Rather than face a heat emergency, it is a good idea to install a new, high efficiency boiler in your home. 

Frequent Leaks

Boilers that leak or require frequently added water are possibly nearing the end of their life. Replacing your existing boiler will avoid costly water damage to your home or property. 

Varying Room Temperatures

If you find that some rooms are colder and some warmer throughout the day it may be time to install a more efficient boiler.

Choosing a Boiler

For those of us who live in the colder northern climates, modern boilers are an excellent residential heating choice. If you already have a boiler system, simply replacing it with the same size and model might not be the best option. Choosing the right boiler for you depends on the type of energy you use – gas, oil or electricity. 

Our consultants do an in-depth look at your home to determine what boiler heating system is the best for you and your home. We look at multiple factors including windows, insulation, number of occupants, square footage and more. We make sure that your boiler heating system is the right size for your home so it works efficiently.

Hot Water Boilers

A hot water boiler works on a fairly simple system. Water is heated and then pumped through the system where it transfers heat to radiators throughout your home. When the water cools it is returned to the boiler for the process to start again. 

Steam Boilers

Similar to a hot water boiler, a steam boiler uses a heat exchanger to heat and deliver steam to radiators throughout your home. Water is heated in a tank till it becomes steam. The steam rises through a system of pipes to each radiator in the home where it heats the room’s air. Once the steam condenses it turns back into water where it is returned back to the tank and reheated for the next cycle.  

Combi Boilers

Combining a high-efficiency water heater with a central heating boiler, a combi boiler puts the best of both worlds in one unit. Combi boilers use hot water directly from the tap, reducing the need to have additional storage units. Water is heated instantly making a combi boiler extremely energy-efficient. Because they are compact, combi boilers are also ideal for small spaces. 

Boilers Jacobs offers

Our boiler technicians are constantly training on the newest technology in the heating industry, and we never hesitate to recommend the most efficient and effective equipment available. We love to listen to our customers. By listening, we can determine what works best for you so we can recommend a new boiler system that will be perfect for your home.



Lochinvar has been innovating heating solutions for over 100 years. Lochinvar has an extensive line of high-efficiency water heating solutions. With an advanced boiler control system, Lochinvar is at the top of its class for reliability. 


Weil-McLain is a leading North American designer and manufacturer of hydronic comfort heating systems for residential, commercial and institutional buildings since 1881. With products that are engineered with functionality and safety in mind, Weil-Mclain has a reputation of quality and innovation.

Professional Boiler Installation You Can Trust

We believe that the heart of any home is comfort and warmth. Jacobs takes pride in giving our customers the best solutions for boiler heating systems.  Our expert team has been installing boilers in homes around Portland, Oregon for over 60 years. Our consultants are experts at evaluating your needs to offer you the best choices for your home.

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