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Gas Fireplace Inserts

Actually enjoy and use your gas fireplace insert

There is nothing quite like sitting by a cozy fireplace, hot cocoa in hand. While we love the crackle of a fire for warmth and comfort, traditional fireplaces are notoriously inefficient. Older fireplaces are energy hogs – converting only about 15% of the wood’s energy into useful heat. 

From heat loss to chimney cleaning fees to buying wood, the cost in time and money for an old fireplace really adds up. Open fireplaces are often a major source of air leaks, sending your money (and heat) right up the chimney – literally. Alternatively, fireplace inserts have a sealed, airtight door system that generates more heat because the fire burns much slower and the heat isn’t wasted. Fireplace inserts are so efficient they can use as much as 80% of fuel for heat.

Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

You don’t have to forgo the delights and ambiance of a fireplace to save money. Fireplace inserts are safer and better for the environment – and they cost less to operate. Switching to a fireplace insert will transform your older inefficient vented fireplace to a beautiful and cost-saving room heater. With a flip of a switch, your fire will roar to life – no wood to chop, no smoke to choke on, no ashes to clean up. 

woman sitting by gas fireplace insert

Upgrade and Save with Gas Fireplace Inserts

Gas fireplaces are always going to win the battle of efficiency. And they have a few other tricks up their sleeve.

  • Fireplace inserts have self-cleaning glass doors that can literally burn accumulated creosote off the glass. 
  • Since they are sealed, they can also solve occasional down-draft problems. If, for instance, a large gust of wind blows down into the chimney, the glass doors will prevent combustion gases from entering your home.
  • Gas fireplaces burn more efficiently with fewer polluting emissions 
  • Gas fireplaces lose less heat up the chimney
  • Heat & Glo fireplaces are certified for safety
gas fireplace insert installed by Jacobs Heating

Heat & Glo Fireplace Inserts are Designed for Beauty

From their very first fireplace in 1975, Heat & Glo has been winning awards and setting the pace in fireplace design and safety. From the traditional to the modern, Heat & Glo fireplace inserts are designed to be a charming focal point for your home. 

With Heat & Glo you can turn on your fire, relax and settle into a cozy night of movies or games with the family. No prep or thinking. Just living in the moments. 

Check out the entire Heat & Glo lineup of gas fireplace inserts to find your home’s perfect look.

Should I Install a Fireplace Insert?

A gas fireplace insert is different from a gas fireplace. Gas inserts are highly efficient and self-contained because they are intended to be inserted into an existing fireplace opening. As a sealed unit, they prevent drafts and vent through the existing chimney. Gas fireplace inserts require minimal maintenance and are smaller than a traditional fireplace. 

If you have an existing masonry fireplace that you want to convert with a fireplace insert, Jacobs consultants will help you find the perfect choice.

What You Need to Know About Maintenance

Many gas fireplace owners don’t realize that annual fireplace maintenance is not just for woodburning fireplaces. Anything can break down if neglected. Annual maintenance on your gas fireplace ensures that gas lines, burners, and the control compartment do not have residue and condensation that can lead to restricted airflow. Schedule your inspection today and have a fireplace that works flawlessly year-round.

What Happens When I Need a Fireplace Repair?

Jacobs is experienced at repairing all major fireplace brands. Our service technicians come out to your home and diagnose your system. Once we figure out what is wrong we either replace the faulty part or – if your fireplace is older and the parts aren’t made anymore – we can give you a quote on a new insert for replacement.

Jacobs Improves the Comfort of Your Home

Deciding on a fireplace can be overwhelming. Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning will help you find the perfect solution. We match you with a fireplace that will meet your lifestyle and then help you maintain it so that you can enjoy it every day for years to come.

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