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Gas Piping Services

Natural gas – more than heat for your home

Cooking, water heating, clothes drying, and fireplaces are just some of the ways natural gas can enhance your life. Natural gas is wonderfully versatile with an extra bonus – natural gas is among the least expensive and most efficient ways to fuel your home.


home fire pit supplied by natural gas line

The Benefits of Natural Gas for Your Home

There are benefits to adding a gas line to your home including:  


Natural gas furnaces distribute heat more evenly than electric heating. And natural gas water heaters heat up to 40 percent faster than electric models.


Natural gas heating delivers air faster and warmer than electric heat. A sealed natural gas fireplace can warm a room much faster than a wood-burning fireplace.

Added Value

High-efficiency gas appliances save you money and offer more appeal to prospective buyers. 

Reasons for Adding or Converting a Gas Line

If you are adding a new gas appliance such as a gas furnace, water heater, stove or barbecue then you are likely going to need a new gas line. Or you may just need your line relocated and the safety features upgraded. Here’s how Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning can help. 

No matter your need, Jacobs Heating experts will walk you through the simple process for your project. 

Convert to gas

Converting your existing furnace to run on gas.

Convert from propane

We can convert your BBQ grill or furnace from propane to natural gas.

Add safety features

Need a gas line repaired or an earthquake shutoff valve installed? We can do that. 

Change the location of your existing gas line

Whether you are adding additional appliances or are making renovations to your home we can alter your existing gas line for your needs. 

Hassle-Free Grilling with a Natural Gas Line

Converting your propane grill into a natural gas grill takes away a lot of the hassle that goes along with one of the great All-American activities: grilling. Here are some of the big wins you will have at your next backyard BBQ. 

  • You won’t run out of fuel — even during your biggest barbecue. 
  • Natural gas is less expensive than propane.
  • You no longer have to lug heavy propane tanks back and forth for filling.
  • Natural gas is more environmentally friendly than propane.

Be Prepared for Earthquakes with Gas Shut-off Valve

There is a lot of talk about “The Big One” in the Pacific Northwest. Natural gas is both toxic in an enclosed space and it is highly flammable. The smallest spark can set it off, which may result in an explosion. Once started the constant flow of the gas leak will keep the fire burning. Earthquakes by nature are unexpected so being prepared lowers the risk to both you and your home. An earthquake natural gas shut-off valve automatically shuts off your natural gas service when an earthquake of a sufficient magnitude occurs at your home.

Trouble-Free Gas Line Alterations

Are you upgrading your home or landscape? Adding appliances? It is likely that you will need to relocate or alter your existing gas line. This isn’t a job for a DIYer. We can help make the alteration to your gas line smooth. We determine where your existing gas line is and if the sizing is adequate for the new appliances you are adding to your home. Then we get the proper permits to do the job right. After the new pipe has been installed, we check for gas leaks and make sure everything is trouble-free. 

How Adding a Gas Line Works

Natural gas enters your home from a pipe in the street through a utility meter that then connects to your internal pipes. The gas is then pushed gas through your home to the appropriate appliances. Depending on the project, locating outside gas lines is an important first step. This is not a job for a DIYer. Professionals know how to: 

  1. Get a permit
  2. Locate your line
  3. Properly size your new line
  4. What type of materials to use
  5. Extend the gas pipe
  6. Install gas valves
  7. Test for leaks

Jacobs professionals will walk you through every step so that, no matter your project, you can have the confidence it is done right.

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Gas Line Repair

Gas lines are a vital part of your home energy ecosystem, powering your stove, fireplace, water heater, furnace, and other appliances that use natural gas. Nothing lasts forever – eventually time and use corrode gas lines. A leaky water line is annoying. A leaky gas line is dangerous. If you experience natural gas smells around your home that is a good indicator that you have a problem. When your gas line needs repair, call Jacobs to get an expert on your job immediately


Why Jacobs

We provide home gas line installation for ranges, fireplaces, BBQ grills, furnaces, dryers, firepits, water heaters (standard and tankless), backup generators, tiki torches, and more.

The Jacobs HVAC gas piping installation process follows industry-leading best practices: 

  • Meter shutoff inspections
  • Leak check
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning works with each customer to determine what they need for their job. We have led the industry in quality and customer satisfaction since 1952. Professional service is everything to us.

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