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Home Automation Installation & Repair

Freedom, control, and comfort with the touch of a button

Your days are packed with things to do – work, laundry, kids, cooking – the list is endless. While you are on the go, smart home technology lets you program your life for efficiency and comfort. With home automation, you can monitor and control your systems remotely from your phone or from a centralized thermostat. Smart automation gives you freedom and control over your home, increasing comfort and showing you how to reduce your energy spending. 


Live Everyday Smarter

With home automation, you add numerous benefits to your home comfort while also saving time. The basic concept of automating your home is creating a central hub where you can connect to:

  • Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Home Security
  • Light and Electrical
  • Home Audio and Video Systems
  • Wi-Fi Enabled Appliances
  • and lots more!

One of the easiest ways to connect all the systems in your home is with a smart thermostat that is compatible with multiple smart systems. All this smart technology syncs your home systems to work when you need them by scheduling lights to turn off or on, managing home security, or turning your heat up before you arrive home. With the touch of a button, you can learn how to save on energy with customized tips that improve the bottom line.

smart thermostat for home

Tailored Solutions That Put You in Control

Home automation doesn’t just learn — it can also teach. Compared to non-programmable thermostats, the Ecobee® or Carrier Infinity® smart thermostat provides an average of 20% cost savings on heating and air conditioning throughout its life.

With convenient easy to use smartphone apps, you can check in on your home and manage it when away. Whether that means adjusting the thermostat to minimize use or turning lights on and off to give the appearance of your home being occupied while on vacation, it does the work for you.

Create a More Comfortable Home

Jacobs Heating and Air Conditioning have trained our technicians in the installation and maintenance of Ecobee home automation systems. Wi-Fi enabled Ecobee is an intuitively designed, easy-to-program thermostat that connects remotely while you are on the go. The Ecobee system streams your favorite music or podcast, makes home-wide announcements, and messages friends – all with Alexa® voice control.  Behind the scenes, your Ecobee is detecting which rooms are in use, assessing your home humidity for comfort, and automatically finding ways to consume less energy. 

Keeping Your System on Track

Once professionally installed by a Jacobs technician, the smart home system works independently, checking for software updates so it always uses the latest technology. The experts at Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning encourage homeowners to upgrade to a home automation system to experience cost and energy savings and a more streamlined system of controlling and connecting the home.


Pro Installation Makes Everything Work

Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning technicians are trained to install the latest home automation system from Carrier and Ecobee. Home automation is one of those things you want to do right the first time which makes it difficult – and potentially expensive – to DIY. These systems are complicated on the inside so they can be easy to use by you. By installing “one system to rule them all,” our technicians can find the best fit for your lifestyle. That way things just work. We encourage our customers to consider this technology as a way to make their homes both smarter and safer.

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Feel Confident in Your Smart Home Automation

Jacobs expert technicians are ready to bring smart home automation into your home today! 

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