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How to Stay Warm all Winter by Servicing or Replacing Your Furnace

As the winter months approach, local homeowners are searching for cost-effective, practical solutions to keep their homes warm. We’ve compiled our experts’ advice for homeowners looking to keep the cold out of their homes during the winter:

Don’t forget your furnace tune-up! Furnaces are oftentimes tied to air conditioning units, which means homeowners should have their furnaces serviced at the end of summer before the weather turns colder. After cooling a home during the warmest months of the year, a furnace motor should be inspected by a professional to confirm it’s up for the task of heating the home in the winter. Identifying damage or maintenance opportunities early will ensure that furnaces function properly when temperatures drop.

Easy as an air filter. Be proactive and prevent the discomfort of inefficient or damaged furnaces by replacing air filters at the start of fall. During routine maintenance, professional contractors can remove clogs from burners to guarantee the furnace’s heat production won’t be affected during the cold months. Quick seasonal maintenance will improve furnace motor life and cleanliness.

Bonus? Homeowners can also enjoy lower energy bills with an optimally performing furnace since a serviced motor will burn less overall fuel.

Get to the problem before it happens. Being without a functioning furnace in the winter is not just costly and inconvenient, it can be potentially dangerous. Jacobs Heating and Air Conditioning’s Service Department Manager, Susan Krummann, advises, “As homeowners, it’s important to do your due diligence and schedule maintenance before the weather cools to make sure you’ll stay warm all winter long.” Servicing furnaces annually saves homeowners time and money by identifying weak areas early before they become costly repairs, or in extreme cases, are unable to be repaired.

Keep warm all winter in the Willamette Valley by relying on the industry experts at Jacobs Heating and Air Conditioning for your maintenance needs. We offer residential and commercial customers the best in heating and air conditioning equipment, installation, and repair. Since 1952, Jacobs has provided solutions for energy conservation and reduction, backed by the company’s extensive experience and expertise. Contact us to get warm!