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Improve Your Home’s Air Quality & Your Health in the New Year

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Winter is upon us in the Pacific Northwest, and with people spending more time inside, it is important to make sure indoor air quality in the home is high. Doing so will not only reduce allergens and minimize contaminants such as household mold but also keep air fresh as it recirculates. The experts at Jacobs Heating and Cooling encourage all homeowners to find appropriate air quality solutions to improve their home air quality this season in order to stay healthy. As we approach the New Year, take this as a new opportunity to create cleaner air in your home.

It’s important to take preventative measures before bigger issues arise. This is especially important for people with asthma, as even the smallest traces of dust can affect breathing. According to observations by the Environmental Protection Agency, even if poor air quality in the home does not immediately present negative health effects, those problems may be experienced several years later. The American Lung Association offers tips and resources to ensure healthy air quality at home. As a first step, do simple checks on air quality factors such as leaks or standing water and proper ventilation to the outside. If fixing these issues does not provide sufficient improvements to your air quality, it may be time for an upgraded HVAC system.

To help maximize indoor air quality at home, install a heating and cooling system that will regulate air temperature and humidity. The home will retain optimal humidity levels, helping to reduce common wintertime ailments such as breathing issues and dry skin. Whether it’s to reduce allergens and mold or simply freshen up the air inside, make a resolution this year to consciously monitor indoor air quality and make improvements as needed. For more information about the latest central air systems, contact Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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Amanda Jacobs, Internal Project Manager

Amanda Jacobs is an Internal Projects Manager and 3rd generation member of Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning. She received her MBA from Seattle University and has worked for a leading HVAC training and consulting firm. When not talking HVAC on the Jacobs Blog, you can find her on the golf course or whipping up her famous vegan chili.