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Why Use Carrier Côr™ Home Automation?

Carrier Cor Home Automation

Home automation is a growing trend in this digitized world, and its convenience encourages people to bring more technology into their homes.  As of February 2017, Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning trained its technicians to install the latest home automation system from Carrier, the Côr™ Home Automation line. The company encourages its customers to consider this technology as a way to make their homes both smarter and safer.

Home automation, or smart home technology, is the digital syncing and control of heating, cooling, lighting, security (including alarms, locks, and cameras), electrical outlets, and even Wi-Fi-equipped appliances. Smart homes can be controlled remotely on mobile apps from anywhere in the world, as well as on computers and central control units.

Every product within the Carrier Côr™ Home Automation line works together to create a smarter, safer, more comfortable home. It starts from the central hub, the nervous system of Côr™ Home Automation, and connects to the corresponding smart phone app or a computer. The system works throughout the home to turn off lights and manage home security, which includes signaling a camera to start recording when the garage door opens. It also controls and operates a Carrier smart thermostat, among many more features.Carrier Cor Home Automation hub

The Côr™ smart thermostat provides an average of 20% cost savings on heating and air conditioning through its life, according to a third-party study comparing it to non-programmable thermostats. To track energy savings over time, the smart thermostat provides easy-to-follow reports, compiling both high level and detailed data on its performance and energy usage in the home.

Jacobs’ Trained Technicians Can Setup Your Home Automation

Once professionally installed by a Jacobs technician, the smart home system can work independently and check for software updates so it always uses the latest technology. The experts at Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning encourage homeowners to upgrade to a home automation system to experience cost and energy savings and a more streamlined system of controlling and connecting the home. Contact us today to learn how we can help you!