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No ductwork? No problem for Jacobs & Daikin.

from: PGE ENERGIZE spring 2012 newsletter

Ductless Heat Pump Provides Affordable Solution to Satisfied Jacobs customer

Walt and Gretchen Hollands put up with electric baseboard heat in their southwest Portland home for a long time. Too long.

“The baseboard heaters did not provide even heat, and they were very expensive to run,” explains Walt, who has lived in his house since 1998. “We wanted better, more efficient heat. But adding ductwork was not an option for us.”

Finally last year, the Hollands had Jacobs Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. install a Daikin mini-split ductless system, which has individual units to provide zoned heating and cooling.

As an energy efficient system, it qualified for a cash incentive from the Energy Trust of Oregon and an Oregon Tax Credit.

It’s great. The house is a lot warmer,” Walt says. “Plus the individual units have infrared sensors that automatically adjust the temperature when you enter or leave an area.”

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