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Portland Home Energy Scores

portland home energy scores

The Home Energy Score is a uniform rating system for predicting home energy use based on the “envelope”, energy systems, and square footage of your home. The one-hour assessment is conducted by a Home Energy Score Certified Assessor who collects data about the home and then uses software to estimate annual house energy use.

There are a variety of factors that a Home Energy Score Certified Assessor looks at within and without your home. The assessment takes about an hour and, in Portland, is a requirement before the sale of the home. The assessment takes into consideration heating, cooling, and water heating systems, fuel types, occupant behavior, weather, and the home envelope.

Example Home Energy Score for Portland, OR

Average Portland Home Energy Scores

A home energy score (HES) is rated on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being a home with high energy use and 10 being a home with low energy use. Once the score is calculated recommendations are made that give details on the types of home improvements that can lower energy costs.

Portland was one of the first cities in the U.S. to require home energy score assessments before a home is listed. On average, homes in Portland rank about 4.7 HES.

One of the benefits of getting a HES before a homeowner sells is that it offers an opportunity for the seller to improve the property before the sale, which can increase the home’s market value.

Top Recommendations for Low-Scoring Homes

The most common recommended improvements for homes in Portland include:

  • sealing gaps and cracks that allow air leakage into the home
  • sealing ducts to reduce airflow leakage
  • upgrading HVAC to energy-efficient heat pumps
  • insulating exterior walls, attic, basement, and crawl spaces

How “Green” is your Portland Home?

Home Energy Scores are a great start to understanding how “green” your Portland home is. However, there are many factors that go into the energy efficiency of your home. Our green home evaluation poses some thoughtful questions to understand what may be causing your energy bills to rise.

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How Jacobs Can Help

Since heating and cooling systems are a significant part of your home’s energy use, upgrading your HVAC system will improve the energy efficiency of your home and save you money.  Our Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning consultants will evaluate your home to ensure you have the best AC, furnace, or heat pump system for your home and comfort while lowering your carbon footprint, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and providing long-term savings. Contact us to learn more.

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