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D Street Village Office Lofts In Portland , OR Get Jacob’s HVAC Efficient Retrofit

We all know Portland is rife with new developments with more and more popping up every year. Jacobs HVAC is happy to be of assistance when it comes to making these new homes as sufficient as they can be.

Getting Involved with D Street!

We are extra proud of our most recent partnership with the D Street Village Office Lofts during their overhaul of the historic mill building in Southeast Portland. With our help, D Street Village developers have been able to install energy-efficient Daikin heat pumps and take one more substantial step toward sustainability. They also have a recycled space equipped with the latest green technology, placing the D Street Village Office Lofts at the forefront of modern, eco-friendly design. This really is going to be a great place to live.

So how much do you know about this amazing Southeast Portland location? The D Street Village Office Lofts are now a fully rebuilt, refurbished, and retrofitted circa-1941 classic mill-style building. The renaissance of the D Street Village building has brought along with it 14 upper-level office spaces, a conference room, and retail spaces below near great eateries such as Pok Pok. The design of high ceilings, generous windows, and refinished wood flooring also serves as the perfect backdrop for various resident businesses, which include local creative service and design media firms, law practices, marketing firms, real estate, restaurants, a fitness studio, and a florist. We could not resist doing a project in such a great part of town.

The job did not come without challenges, however. In the project’s early stages, developers recognized that a complex pre-existing electrical infrastructure could not be completely upgraded and that the specified RTU required more power than was available. In response, our very own Scott Leverenz introduced the concept of utilizing multiple Daikin SkyAir Inverter Heat Pumps for upper levels within the building. Because the Daikin SkyAir is known for its heating and cooling efficiency, tenants will slash their energy expenditure and costs for years to come—all while enjoying the comfort of individualized temperature control and the reliability of the Daikin brand. We think it was a pretty cool solution!

Portland is leading the nation in sustainable design, and the D Street Village Office Lofts are another example of the city’s environmentally conscious culture. Thanks to Jacobs’ expertise and innovative Daikin products, the businesses at D Street Village have already reigned in their carbon footprint without sacrificing any comfort. What do you guys think of this project? Let us know!